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Concrete Overlays & Restoration

Concrete Polishing & StainingAs concrete ages, it deteriorates, resulting in discolored, stained, cracked, chipped, weakened and porous concrete surfaces. Weather, wear, moisture, freeze/thaw, and earth movement are contributing factors of gradual surface deterioration. Mastercare Hardscapes and Concrete Art has systems to restore and resurface concrete to its original condition and at the same time, provide our customers with a more decorative solution. If it is possible to improve it, don't remove it!

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Concrete Overlays & Restoration
Photo 1
Concrete Overlays & Restoration
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Concrete Overlays & Restoration
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Concrete Overlays & Restoration
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Concrete Overlays & Restoration
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Concrete Overlays & Restoration
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Restore concrete by resurfacing it with an overlay to bring new life to your home or yard. Whether you want to improve the look of your patio, or cover up cracks in your driveway, resurfacing is a great option for outdoor concrete.

Tired of your discolored, cracked, or plain sidewalks? Resurfacing is the answer to having beautiful sidewalks that will make a great first impression. With resurfacing there are many decorative options, including stamping, staining, texturing, and more. The process consists of preparing the old concrete and then applying a cement-based overlay. After resurfacing, your concrete sidewalks will look as good as new.

Conventional wisdom holds that old concrete, with cracks, surface discoloration, or surface imperfections, must be removed and replaced if improving the look of the concrete is the goal. But there are many options available for transforming that drab concrete patio, driveway, or floor into a new, decorative, colored concrete surface. Plus, you'll save money, conserve resources, and eliminate disposal problems. Completely resurfacing concrete with a polymer-modified overlay is one way to upgrade the look, and you can choose from a wide variety of color and pattern options. If your concrete is in good condition but just needs a facelift, you can also stain, stencil or engrave it to improve the appearance.

Resurfacing is a great option for adding a decorative touch to an existing concrete patio. A cement-based overlay is applied over the existing concrete, which can then be stamped, stained, stenciled or even engraved. Your options will be unlimited when it comes to color and design. Fixing your boring concrete is a possibility!

Concrete stairs are one of our favorite mediums to work with. Transform boring concrete stairs into natural stone with an overlay!

Concrete Polishing & Staining
Concrete Polishing & Staining

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Concrete Polishing & Staining Concrete Polishing & Staining

We have now invented a process of making concrete look like granite, pictures to come.

Concrete Polishing & Staining Epoxy & Reflector We have focused on stair overlays, & perfected this process, because no one else is doing what we do. We don't just skim coat stairs. We actually make them look like a $10,000 stone job. Right over existing concrete!

Interior Floors:
With self leveling overlays, stains & epoxy with reflector coloring, amazing color patterns can be done. Designs, logos, or random colors can be achieved. Whatever your imagination can conceive, we'll figure out a way to make it happen.

Please call: We'll show you the many options for decorative, unique & durable flooring.
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