Konstantinov3Here we have a concrete floor in pretty rough condition & approx.780 SqFt. There was an area where the old furnace was that was cut out. We repoured this section with concrete & let cure for 28 days. There were also cracks that needed repair. We chased cracks with a V-blade to open them up. We then filled them with polymeric sand, watered & let them harden. Since polished concrete does not cover or hide any defects, the decision was made to pour a 3/8″ Rapid Set Tru self leveling overlayment, then dye & polish that.The first step to this
process is applying a 2-part Epoxy primer with sand broadcast into it. This primer acts as a waterproofer,as well as, what the overlay will bond to.

Next was to pour  3/8″ depth Rapid set TRU, self leveling overlay. This took about 2 hours for 3 men. The next day the grinding & polishing process began with 40 grit metal bond diamonds under my SASE 435 machine. From here we went to 80 &150 grit metal bond diamonds, then switched to resin bond diamonds in 50, 100, 200, 400 grits. Here we applied Ameripolish OS densifier, which is formulated  for these dense overlayments. Next, we polished with 800 grit resins., & applied Ameripolish OS dye, also specially formulated, in 2 colors., gold & burnt sienna.


To finish, we polished with 1500 & 3000 grit diamond resins. Then applied 2 applications of Ameripolish Stain Protecter & burnished with high speed burnisher. This is the end result.


Konstantinov 3 Konstantinov5 Konstantinov 4 Konstantinov6

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